The professionalism and quality of Galileo products, the result of a 153-year-old Italian tradition, is well-known to all industry operators.

The company, founded in Florence in 1864, is the protagonist of innovations in products and services and stands as a brand synonymous with technology to the avant-garde and quality visual well-being, has always been our partner.

Blu Stop


  • Total protection against UVA and UVB rays.
  • High protection from Blue Violet light.
  • Let Blue Turquoise light pass, positive for our vision.
  • It doesn’t alter color vision.
  • Equipped with Ultra High UV resistance treatment.
  • High scratches resistance and daily use.


  • Total security for our visual system.
  • No more tired eyes, both at the computer and office.
  • Perfect control of melatonin for proper functioning of the Circadian Rhythms.
  • Aesthetics and transparency thanks to the special treatment.
  • Prevention of premature aging of the eye and potential ocular pathologies.

Progressive Lens

Galileo’s progressive lenses come from a digitized and high-tech production technology, able to assure a natural freedom of movement coupled with incredible ease of adaptation, to ensure a natural and definite vision.

Photochromic lenses

Galileo photochromic lenses automatically adjust to different shades of light, becoming light or dark as needed. At the same time they protect 100% from UV rays.


The new vision experience. EyeDrive is the dedicated solution for driving. Reflect Control is the exclusive anti-reflective technology that reduces the night-time reflection factor up to 90% compared to a clear lens and up to 57% compared to a anti-reflective lens.


ESCHENBACH OPTIK is a worldwide brand with a great tradition
One of the leading suppliers of optical products with nearly 100 years of experience, a combination of tradition and modernity, specializing in binoculars, magnifying glasses, hypo-vision and maculopathy.
Love for nature, a desire to travel, a passion for culture and sport: the Eschenbach binoculars are always characterized by the highest optical performance, attractive design and excellent value for money and represent the right choice for every occasion and passion.
ESCHENBACH stands out for its excellent expertise and high requirements in the technology of magnifying glasses and reading lenses to meet our customers and to facilitate the lives of the people concerned.
ESCHENBACH offers a full range of high quality aids that meet the different visual needs of the visually impaired people, giving them maximum autonomy and improving their quality of life.


DYNAMICS REVOLUTION, a product covered by International Industrial Patents, represents the Italian revolution in the world of organic photochemical lenses.
Designed and built entirely in Italy, what distinguishes it in the world is its strengths: The speed of darkening and clearing is one of them, as well as the variety of colors available, from the most traditional Gray and Brown to the colors in line with Indigo, Amethyst or Green fashion trends a whole range of products designed for different customers needs.


Great attention is paid to the sun-view lenses; This is why a wide range of FASHION mirrored lenses is born in line with the fashion trends offered by the largest mount manufacturers.


Specialized center in the application of specific contact lenses for keratoconus, corneal transplants, corneal degeneration, irregular cornea, refractive post surgery, post trauma.
The doctor will be at your disposal to carry out the various tests, to assist you with the application of contact lenses and how to maintain them.
There are several types of contact lenses for any need and lifestyle. You can choose between monthly lenses or frequent redundancy and the ease and simplicity of daily disposable lenses.

LAC Types

Soft daily, fifteen, monthly, cosmetic.
RGP: rigid, permeable gases, hybrids, calcium lenses, scleral, multifocal lenses.
Brands: Johnson &Johnson, Coopervision, Alcon.