Safety for children’s eyes

Our eyes and, in particular, those of children are precious and sensitive and therefore require special protection in compliance with current EC regulations.

Experts recommend:

  • Submit the children to the first medical-occult check at the latest within three years of age. The second exam should be made before the beginning of the school and then every two years, in order to detect early signs of the first signs of deterioration of the vision.
  • Choose a frame of nonallergenic and non-toxic material suitable for the facial anatomy of your children. The frame should not be too large to ensure optimum centering of the lenses.
  • Always choose plastic lenses: they are the ones that offer the best safety and protection during the game.
  • Anti-reflective treatment in the lenses is strongly recommended for school children. Illumination reflections in the classroom can seriously compromise your vision and, as a result, distract the attention of your children.
  • Children need UV light for the development of their eyes, but in the mountains, in the presence of snow or in the sea, absolutely must wear sunglasses with 100% UV-A and UV-B protection, since reflections increase the amount of light that reaches their eyes.